Paint me like one of your drag queens!

Hey kittens! Hope everyone is well 🙂 I have come up with a little series of videos entitled ‘Paint me like one of your drag queens’.

It’s going to be a series of videos were I attempt (I repeat, attempt) to do the make up looks of some of the queens from drag race.

I’m not particularly skilled at make up so be prepared for some hot messes. Nah, I’m just kidding (I hope). I’ve done my research by speaking to my friend who is a trained make up artist.

She has given me brief lessons on highlighting and contouring and what brushes to use.

Since I first watched drag race, I have been eager to learn how to paint like the queens. Not that it’s paint that I would wear very often, but I think it looks really fierce and elegant.

You never quite realise what a craft the art of drag is until you see the process that these men go through to give an impressive illusion of a woman.

The first queen I am going to portray is Miss Adore Delano. Adore is quite young and heavy with her eyeliner. I too like my eyeliner so I feel if you dragged up my make up then it would look something like Adore.

I was practicing today and I only done half of my face but here’s a teaser for my first video! Hope you like and continue to watch this space!

I'm ratchet couture!

I’m ratchet couture!



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