Season 7 round up post!

Hiiiieeee kitty girls! Sorry for my incredibly long absence from this blog. Uni had me very busy with group projects and deadlines and I abandoned my personal ramblings. Now it’s the summer and I hope to go back to posting a lot more content again.

To be frank with you guys, I wasn’t gagging over this season like I had over previous seasons. Honestly I can’t put my finger on why. The challenges were good (maybe not as diverse as they could have been) and there were some strong personalities amongst the queens.

Pre-season, without knowing much about the contestants, I had chosen Pearl, Jaidynn and Katya as my ones to watch. Post season however this is no longer the case. I still like all of these queens. Jaidynn’s revelation that he had yet to come out to his family was heartbreaking. Her social media presence makes me like her even more. She showed real growth on the show.

I know I may get a lot of backlash for this one, but lets talk about Pearl. Pearl is a great queen. Her looks were always on point. She also had a very likable personality reminiscent of Adore from the previous season. As much as I liked her, I also had the same problem with Adore. I just felt she was a strong personality but she coasted through a lot of the challenges. She had her moments but overall I didn’t find her that funny. Props to her and Trixie though for their conjoined queens look and character.

As I previously said, I loved the challenges this season. I thought they were very unique and pushed the boundaries of the drag we are so used to seeing. However, I don’t feel these challenges were right for the cast they chose. In a season were half of the cast are fashion queens why would they make 80% of the challenges comedy/acting based? That one really threw me.

It made for a lot of cringey viewing when the queens were forced to be funny and it really didn’t come across as funny. In addition to this, there were a lot of group work challenges and I don’t feel that we got to see each of the queens individual skills. Looking back there were only two episodes that had solo challenges.

This brings me onto our season 7 winner, Violet Chachki. Condragulations henny! Personally I was rooting for Ginger Minj. However, I do see how Violet is a strong competitor but I don’t feel she was allowed to showcase it on the show. There was one fashion challenge were the queens had to make an outfit.

The Hello Kitty couture that she produced was stunning and really well crafted. The only reason I’m unhappy with her being crowned is that, based on the season alone, she wasn’t portrayed in the best light. Hopefully now I will see a lot more of what she has to offer.

Last but not least, this seasons fans have been the shadiest bunch of bitches ever. Actually, it’s not even being shady, it’s just being a nasty human being. This really annoyed me throughout the season. Yes people are entitled to an opinion but it doesn’t mean you should always use it. If you have nothing constructive to say, maybe re-think saying it at all.

Queens see some of these messages and I’m sure it hurts when they do. I have an outsiders knowledge of the drag world. Just because I’ve seen every episode of drag race does not mean Ru is gonna raise me up and make me a drag professor.

These girls have earned their spot on drag race and for you to sit at home and disregard all the hard work and money they have put in to getting there is hugely disrespectful.

I’d just like to remind you all that these are only my personal opinions and I just wanted to share them with you all 🙂