Christmas Cabaret with Daisy and her Diamonds!

Daisy Diamond is back with another year of festive cabaret. This Sunday coming, she will be taking to the stage in Tiny with her sparkling dance troupe! Diasy and her Diamonds will be performing some of the greatest Christmas classics in aid of raising some money for Middlesbrough Community Pride.

One pound of every £2 entrance fee will be donated and there will be other activities such as a raffle and a best dressed competition.

I spoke with Daisy to get a feel for her cabaret act and to see what she has planned. She says, ‘We design our own numbers with three key factors in mind. Intricate choreography, humour and audience participation.

This isn’t the first cabaret show I’ve done. The Diamonds and I have performed our Christmas show for three years running now. I’ve been all over the place doing cabaret for four years.’


The group have been practicing their routines for three weeks now in preparation for the big night on Sunday 21st. She tells me, ‘People can always expect more than just a lip sync. A night truly filled with dancing and laughter.’

Daisy says she has a very hectic schedule at this time of year and it sometimes keeps her working right up until Christmas Day. She tells me what Christmas is like with her when she finally gets a moment to savour it.

‘Christmas in my house is always hectic! Until Christmas day comes and I finally get to relax a bit. I have a lot of bookings at this time of year so it seems that all I get to do is work and sleep. However, it is always jolly and festive!’

For you local people, catch Daisy and her Diamonds cabaret show Sunday 21st in Tiny. Guaranteed night of campy fabulous-ness!


Who’s That Queen? – Daisy Diamond

As I said in my description, I want to showcase some of the talented queens we have right here in Middlesbrough. I took myself down to the local gay bar, Tiny, and discovered Miss Daisy Diamond.

I say discovered loosely, Daisy has been in the drag line of work for a few years now and has performed at her own shows and many Gay Pride events.

Daisy was great to work with. She was very accommodating and honest in her question answering. Plus check her face. The beat is so on point. She is part of a group of drag queens who go by the name of the Satur-Gay sisters.

You will always find at least one of them in Tiny on a Saturday ready to greet the customers and DJ later on the night.

Here is a short video feature on Daisy and how she came to be the woman she is today!