Beauty Marked – A review

“Beauty Marked” is the debut album from American drag queen, Miss Fame. The album was released 9 June and has since had two singles, “Rubber Doll” and “Instafame”. Miss Fame has always been relatively popular due to her YouTube channel. She is an accomplished make up artist and there are many tutorials available on her channel. Her popularity rose further when she appeared on season 7 of RuPaul’s Drag Race.


I think I speak for a lot of people when I say that she blew us (and the other queens of her season) out of the water. I loved Miss Fame while she was on RPDR. She served us couture and elegance every week on the runway. However, her personal interviews showed us a goofier side to her and that the cosmic queen could be down to earth too.

I did not think she was much of a singer or songwriter. I was thoroughly impressed when I found out that she had written all of the songs on “Beauty Marked” bar co-writing “Miss Fame” with Alaska 5000 and “I Run The Runway” with her fashionista sister, Violet Chachki. Listening to each of the songs you can tell that she did write them. If y’all didn’t know Fame is a brand before, you do now. Seriously though, I love how she truly encapsulated her personality into her album. Her love for outer space, glamour and couture really shines through.

“Beauty Marked” gives us a great variety of styles of music. It does stick within the borders of pop and dance. However, I feel there is a balance of songs you’d dance to in the club and ambient, slow songs to relax to.


In all honesty, there may be one I don’t like as much as the rest, but there isn’t a bad song on this album. My top three would be “All We Are Is Magic”, “Diamond Life” and “Miss Fame”. I completely live for the 90’s style beat that kicks in during the chorus of “Diamond Life”.

I would give this album a 4.5 rating for sure. In my opinion, this is some of the best music that a Drag Racer has ever produced. Drag queens’ music is notorious for its use of cheesy beats and heavy auto-tune but neither is evident in “Beauty Marked”.


Season 7 round up post!

Hiiiieeee kitty girls! Sorry for my incredibly long absence from this blog. Uni had me very busy with group projects and deadlines and I abandoned my personal ramblings. Now it’s the summer and I hope to go back to posting a lot more content again.

To be frank with you guys, I wasn’t gagging over this season like I had over previous seasons. Honestly I can’t put my finger on why. The challenges were good (maybe not as diverse as they could have been) and there were some strong personalities amongst the queens.

Pre-season, without knowing much about the contestants, I had chosen Pearl, Jaidynn and Katya as my ones to watch. Post season however this is no longer the case. I still like all of these queens. Jaidynn’s revelation that he had yet to come out to his family was heartbreaking. Her social media presence makes me like her even more. She showed real growth on the show.

I know I may get a lot of backlash for this one, but lets talk about Pearl. Pearl is a great queen. Her looks were always on point. She also had a very likable personality reminiscent of Adore from the previous season. As much as I liked her, I also had the same problem with Adore. I just felt she was a strong personality but she coasted through a lot of the challenges. She had her moments but overall I didn’t find her that funny. Props to her and Trixie though for their conjoined queens look and character.

As I previously said, I loved the challenges this season. I thought they were very unique and pushed the boundaries of the drag we are so used to seeing. However, I don’t feel these challenges were right for the cast they chose. In a season were half of the cast are fashion queens why would they make 80% of the challenges comedy/acting based? That one really threw me.

It made for a lot of cringey viewing when the queens were forced to be funny and it really didn’t come across as funny. In addition to this, there were a lot of group work challenges and I don’t feel that we got to see each of the queens individual skills. Looking back there were only two episodes that had solo challenges.

This brings me onto our season 7 winner, Violet Chachki. Condragulations henny! Personally I was rooting for Ginger Minj. However, I do see how Violet is a strong competitor but I don’t feel she was allowed to showcase it on the show. There was one fashion challenge were the queens had to make an outfit.

The Hello Kitty couture that she produced was stunning and really well crafted. The only reason I’m unhappy with her being crowned is that, based on the season alone, she wasn’t portrayed in the best light. Hopefully now I will see a lot more of what she has to offer.

Last but not least, this seasons fans have been the shadiest bunch of bitches ever. Actually, it’s not even being shady, it’s just being a nasty human being. This really annoyed me throughout the season. Yes people are entitled to an opinion but it doesn’t mean you should always use it. If you have nothing constructive to say, maybe re-think saying it at all.

Queens see some of these messages and I’m sure it hurts when they do. I have an outsiders knowledge of the drag world. Just because I’ve seen every episode of drag race does not mean Ru is gonna raise me up and make me a drag professor.

These girls have earned their spot on drag race and for you to sit at home and disregard all the hard work and money they have put in to getting there is hugely disrespectful.

I’d just like to remind you all that these are only my personal opinions and I just wanted to share them with you all 🙂


Christmas Cabaret with Daisy and her Diamonds!

Daisy Diamond is back with another year of festive cabaret. This Sunday coming, she will be taking to the stage in Tiny with her sparkling dance troupe! Diasy and her Diamonds will be performing some of the greatest Christmas classics in aid of raising some money for Middlesbrough Community Pride.

One pound of every £2 entrance fee will be donated and there will be other activities such as a raffle and a best dressed competition.

I spoke with Daisy to get a feel for her cabaret act and to see what she has planned. She says, ‘We design our own numbers with three key factors in mind. Intricate choreography, humour and audience participation.

This isn’t the first cabaret show I’ve done. The Diamonds and I have performed our Christmas show for three years running now. I’ve been all over the place doing cabaret for four years.’


The group have been practicing their routines for three weeks now in preparation for the big night on Sunday 21st. She tells me, ‘People can always expect more than just a lip sync. A night truly filled with dancing and laughter.’

Daisy says she has a very hectic schedule at this time of year and it sometimes keeps her working right up until Christmas Day. She tells me what Christmas is like with her when she finally gets a moment to savour it.

‘Christmas in my house is always hectic! Until Christmas day comes and I finally get to relax a bit. I have a lot of bookings at this time of year so it seems that all I get to do is work and sleep. However, it is always jolly and festive!’

For you local people, catch Daisy and her Diamonds cabaret show Sunday 21st in Tiny. Guaranteed night of campy fabulous-ness!


Juju Inspired Make Up

Due to technical difficulties I will not be able to post a video kittens 😦 I am so sorry but I have tried everything possible to fix it. Some of the clips that I recorded don’t work in the editing software I use.

I can watch them in Windows Media Player and VLC but when I try to put them into Adobe Premiere an error comes up. I don’t understand what’s wrong with it but I apologise profusely.

I will upload a few more photos and include a list of the products used to achieve a Juju look but this is the best I can do.


Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection foundation – Honey shade

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder – Light

Translucent medium brown eye shadow – Contour

Light pink cream highlight

Rimmel Sun Shimmer bronzing powder – Light/Matte

Rimmel Lasting Finish blush – Santa Rose


Sunkissed Bronze Eye Palette

Collection 2000 Fast Stroke liquid eyeliner – Black

Maybelline Expert Eyes eyeliner pencil – Black

Biggest pair of false lashes you can find

Rimmel X Volume Mascara Flash – Black


Collection 2000 Lip Butter Crayon – Cappucino 2 shade

Any clear lip gloss

Hope you find this useful guys and again, I’m sorry for the lack of video. Feel free to comment if you think I missed something or you have critiques of the final look 🙂

Juju's look has a lot of nude and neutral colours.

Juju’s look has a lot of nude and neutral colours.

Don't forget that deep, cutting contour!

Don’t forget that deep, cutting contour!

Who’s That Queen? – Daisy Diamond

As I said in my description, I want to showcase some of the talented queens we have right here in Middlesbrough. I took myself down to the local gay bar, Tiny, and discovered Miss Daisy Diamond.

I say discovered loosely, Daisy has been in the drag line of work for a few years now and has performed at her own shows and many Gay Pride events.

Daisy was great to work with. She was very accommodating and honest in her question answering. Plus check her face. The beat is so on point. She is part of a group of drag queens who go by the name of the Satur-Gay sisters.

You will always find at least one of them in Tiny on a Saturday ready to greet the customers and DJ later on the night.

Here is a short video feature on Daisy and how she came to be the woman she is today!


UK version of Drag Race – A fan’s opinions

So I’m sure anyone that cares about RuPaul’s Drag Race has heard the rumours and speculation surrounding a UK version of the show. TV personality Jonathan Ross has already said he is working on something with British drag star Jodie Harsh. However, they have had to put the project on hold due to family issues. They are hoping to pick it up again in the near future.

Mama Ru has already said that she is totally up for a UK Drag Race. She says, ‘Let’s do it! I’m ready for it! So, what’s the next step? He’s got to pitch it to a network?’

Ru’s squirrel friend, Michelle Visage, told drag official that she believes that Brits don’t want another queen to host the show. They want Ru.

Callum has mixed views about UK Drag Race

Callum has mixed views about UK Drag Race

I spoke to a fan of the show, Callum Thompson, to find out what the fans really want. Callum is a hugely keen on the idea of a UK Drag Race. He says, ‘Having a UK version of the show would be amazing because we have such a good reputation of drag queens in this country. Just look at Danny La Rue!’

Danny La Rue was a British entertainer best known for his female impersonation. He was awarded an OBE in 2002. He sadly passed away in 2009.

Callum does worry about how it will cross over. He reckons the whole drag scene isn’t as popular here as it would be in America. However, he thinks RuPaul’s Drag Race has had a massive impact on drag queen popularity in the US. He says RuPaul has eased drag into the mainstream.

I asked Callum if he would like to see Ru and Michelle on the UK version and he gave me a mixed response. ‘I think they should be involved to a certain degree but it just makes sense to me to have a British person host a British show.’

‘We have no shortage of talented queens here. Maybe none that are at Ru’s level but did you know who RuPaul was before Drag Race came around? It has helped sky rocket his career too.’

However, he believes a UK version would be ultimately beneficial. ‘I think it will help change peoples attitudes to the world of drag. I feel a lot of people just think of a man in a dress and make up when they hear the term ‘drag queen’. They don’t see that it is an art form and can be a fulfilling career for people.’


Paint me like one of your drag queens!

Hey kittens! Hope everyone is well 🙂 I have come up with a little series of videos entitled ‘Paint me like one of your drag queens’.

It’s going to be a series of videos were I attempt (I repeat, attempt) to do the make up looks of some of the queens from drag race.

I’m not particularly skilled at make up so be prepared for some hot messes. Nah, I’m just kidding (I hope). I’ve done my research by speaking to my friend who is a trained make up artist.

She has given me brief lessons on highlighting and contouring and what brushes to use.

Since I first watched drag race, I have been eager to learn how to paint like the queens. Not that it’s paint that I would wear very often, but I think it looks really fierce and elegant.

You never quite realise what a craft the art of drag is until you see the process that these men go through to give an impressive illusion of a woman.

The first queen I am going to portray is Miss Adore Delano. Adore is quite young and heavy with her eyeliner. I too like my eyeliner so I feel if you dragged up my make up then it would look something like Adore.

I was practicing today and I only done half of my face but here’s a teaser for my first video! Hope you like and continue to watch this space!

I'm ratchet couture!

I’m ratchet couture!


Let’s do the Time Warp again!

I had a feeling this Halloween was going to be my best yet. The day I booked my tickets for my friend Mya and I to see the Rocky Horror Picture Show Experience I began counting down the days. I had never seen a live stage performance of RHPS so I was over the moon when I had heard one was going to be in Middlesbrough Town Hall on Halloween night.

For those of you that don’t know, Rocky Horror is a musical that was released in 1975. It was written by Richard O’Brien (Riff Raff in the film) and Jim Sharman. Upon release, it was pretty unpopular but the people began dressing like the characters when they went to see it and performing the songs and dances along with the film. It then gained popularity as a midnight movie and went on to become one of the most popular of it’s kind.

I’ve been a massive fan of the film since my teenage years and was keen to join in the audience participation that RHPS is well known for. All of those years of my friends and I doing it along with the film will finally pay off! I dressed up as Dr Frank-N-Furter’s housemaid, Magenta.

Squirrel-friends! Myself as Magenta and Mya as Wednesday Addams

Squirrel-friends! Myself as Magenta and Mya as Wednesday Addams

All of this began as a dream for two guys. Jon Keeling and Dan Prosser wanted to make a touring version of the Rocky Horror.A production team was then formed at the start of this year.

This included names such as Michelle Windsor who works in youth theatre and musical director Gladstone Wilson whose previous work includes the X Factor.

I was informed that this had been a first professional performance for some of the cast. If I hadn’t been told I would never have known! I truly felt that each cast member understood their character and knew how to portray them.

Adam Garnett and Faye Lucynda gave an amazing performance of Brad and Janet’s saucy transformation. From squeaky clean to sweet transvestites!

During Rocky's "birth" song, Sword of Damocles. From left, Rocky (Malcolm Modele), Janet (Faye Lucynda), Phantoms (Rachel Woollaston, Lucy Wood and Sarah Carter, Columbia (JoJo Edwards), Brad (Adam Garnett) and Magenta (Bryony-Rose Ward)

During Rocky’s “birth” song, Sword of Damocles.

One of the scenes I was curious about was the scene when Frank creeps into Janet’s bed first and then Brad’s. I wondered how they were going to do it on stage. It turned out to be one of the most hilarious scenes in the whole play.

The couple were behind a white screen and all the audience could see were shadows whilst they tumbled and twisted. The audience fell about laughing!

I loved the actors and thought they all did brilliantly. However, one stuck out for me. Fernando Mariano’s portrayal of Frank was totally on point. Frank is an exuberant character and I would find it difficult to play his role with a straight face. Fernando completely stayed in character the whole time even when he was not the focal point of the scene.

Dr Frank N Furter (Fernando Mariano) strutting his stuff!

Dr Frank N Furter (Fernando Mariano) strutting his stuff!

Initially I was quite nervous. Rocky Horror is something that has been dear to me for years and I was worried that the stage show wouldn’t live up to the film. Keeling and Prosser made me forget any doubt I had as soon as the first scene began. It was one of the best nights of my life and I’ll never forget it.